Top 8 Ways How the International Freight Forwarding Company Helps SMEs

There has been a noticeable change in the market recently that the price and quality have become less important than they are in the past. Instead, the delivery time, technology for tracking goods, and intact products after arrival become increasingly important to clients. Professional logistics management has gradually become a key factor in whether small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can successfully compete in the global market. As a trustworthy partner of SMEs, the role of the international freight forwarding company in logistics management should also not be neglected.


The Challenges Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Currently Face In Logistics

For most SMEs, it’s not easy for them to carry out an internal transportation operation and meet their freight needs. Even though some of them are capable of doing so, they are the minority. In most cases, it turns out that SMEs struggle a lot in logistics, facing the problem of delivery time delays, damaged goods, and inefficient knowledge of global transportation regulations. Worse still, the last 2 years have witnessed fluctuating logistics prices with 10 times more expensive or even higher, delivering a blow to SMEs. As a consequence, many had to close down because they couldn’t afford the exorbitant logistics costs. These challenges impair SMEs’ competitiveness with their counterparts, not to mention competing with large enterprises.


The International Freight Forwarding Company Helps Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises out

Suppose SMEs find they have the abovementioned logistics problem and are not confident about their logistics management ability. In that case, an advisable suggestion is to turn to an international freight forwarding company that is experienced in the logistics industry. Since it is specialized in logistics, SMEs can get a lot of help with international freight services. So here’s what SMEs can benefit from the service.


1. Access to Top-Class Carriers

Cooperation with top-class carriers allows a reliable international freight forwarding company to easily help SMEs find the most suitable carrier. Thus, using international freight services from an international freight forwarding company makes the delivery process smooth, simplifying logistics procedures. As Danspeed has established long-term cooperative relationships with MU, UPS, DHL, and other top-ranking carriers, we can propose different solutions to fulfill SMEs’ requirements.


2. Professional Inventory Management

Effective international freight services are equal to reliable delivery services, reducing dead storage and lowering costs caused by inventory for SMEs. Although big enterprises may find it not a problem, the unnecessary inventory and exorbitant cost make a big difference for SMEs. As a supporter of the development of SMEs, we can help them minimize the inventory and achieve maximum benefits.


3. Accessible Warehousing Service

An authorized international freight forwarding company offers warehousing services for SMEs to help their goods stock in the local warehouse in advance. Just in case their clients have a strict requirement for delivery, which is a boon to SMEs. Worth mentioning is that we can provide access to almost all Amazon FBA warehouses throughout the United States and Canada to increase flexibility for SMEs.


4. Real-Time Shipment Tracking

Choosing the service from an international freight forwarding company helps SMEs track the delivery situation for further planning. A professional freight forwarding company updates the delivery in detail so that SMEs will not miss the important delivery time. We can offer a real-time shipment tracking service for SMEs, relieving their stress from delivering important goods.


5. Better Delivery Service

Since international freight forwarding companies have in-depth knowledge in planning the freight route, they can give the best and quickest freight route so that the goods can be delivered on time. Plus, the freight forwarding company has suitable equipment and compartments to keep the goods, increasing the likelihood of keeping the goods intact. With our international freight services, SMEs can rest assured that their goods are in safe transportation.


6. Cost Reduction

The international freight forwarding company always chooses the most suitable freight solution for SMEs, so controlling costs becomes easier. Also, freight forwarders offer quite reasonable prices, with many offering discounts to regular clients and those who send large shipments. As the reliable partner of SMEs, we always offer the safest and most efficient freight service at a competitive price to help SMEs compete in the global market.


7. One-Stop Logistics Service

The international freight forwarding company offers international freight services in various ways. Regarding the ways of freight, air freight and ocean freight are commonly available. Some international freight forwarding companies also offer customs clearance if SMEs are unfamiliar with this field. Experienced in offering global freight services for years, we can offer one-stop logistics services, ranging from air freight, ocean freight, and customs clearance to logistics information feedback.


8. Available Customized Solutions

Comparatively, SMEs need more customized solutions since sometimes they don’t need many containers. A reliable international freight forwarding company can offer FCL and LCL services to satisfy SMEs’ different needs. It deserves to be mentioned that we are one of the suppliers offering FCL and LCL services. If clients have other special needs, we are also delighted to design the most suitable solution.


Choose Danspeed for International Freight Services

As logistics plays a significant role in the business of SMEs, they should take into account how to utilize logistics to benefit from attracting more clients. As a trustworthy international freight forwarding company, Danspeed always supports the development of SMEs as we can customize the solution and ensure rapid and efficient logistics for them. With experience in the logistics industry for more than 12 years, We are a leading china logistics company. Partner with us, and we can give you excellent international freight service.

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