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Danspeed has been focused on shipping from China to the US for many years. We can help you ship products from China to all parts of the United States. You don’t have to worry about paperwork and customs procedures as we will take care of everything on your behalf. To meet your freight needs throughout the United States, we have organized a large network with the ability to offer economical, affordable, and reliable logistics.

As one of the best freight forwarders from China to USA, we are well versed in local tax and customs clearance laws and regulations. We integrate resources of air and sea carriers and destination agents. Whenever you plan to ship your goods from China to Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Houston, etc., we are here to provide you with the best, most affordable, efficient and trustworthy services.


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Fast & On-time: We offer safe delivery and efficient shipping services from China to USA.


Competitive Prices: Always looking for the best routes from China to USA at unbeatable prices.


DDU/DDP services: Door to door shipments throughout the United States.

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Chartering Service: Bulk cargo vessel chartering service to USA.

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Customer Service Team: 24/7 professional online service, we are ready to help you.

Shipping Process from China to USA


our case study

DANSPEED GLOBAL can provide everyone with a reasonable and suitable solution for different customers based on the actual situation.

This customer is doing DDU terms, exporting from Yantian, Shenzhen in South China to the Port of Houston in the United States. Our company provides customers with one-stop shipping services. Including the first sea freight booking, as well as US customs clearance and delivery.

First of all, the customer ships at least 3 containers each time, and even more often, 10 of them go on a shipping schedule.

Then, from the point of view of the sea freight for the first voyage booking, we need to provide preferential prices and full-water shipowner services, because we need to do the latter stage at the same time, to grasp the progress of arranging and picking up the containers after arriving at the destination port in the United States.

The goods exported by the customer are scaffolding, accessories, and the material is aluminum, so the weight of the shipment will be overweight compared to other ordinary goods. This requires effective communication with the US agent, and if the overweight fee will have a truck fee, the cost can be reduced for the greater benefit of the customer.

In fact, for the carrying weight of American companies, the overweight fee will be USD300-350/container. Due to the strength of our American trucks and the quantity of shipments on hand, we have won fixed loading for customers to 18 tons of small cabinets and 20 tons of high cabinets, and only added USD35 to the US truck fee. The customer is very happy. According to the normal overweight fee cost, a cabinet can save the customer USD200 in cost.

This kind of processing can save us the time difference every time we have to reconfirm the cost with the US agent because of overweight, and it also improves the efficiency of our quotation for the factory, when the goods are delivered in the first time. I can directly update the quotation form, and the factory can also confirm the delivery plan within the valid time.

Efficient and professional service at US destination port: we will closely track the overseas customer service

    1. when will the agent receive the AN arrival notice in advance
    2. when the customs clearance will be completed
    3. when the ship will actually arrive at the port
    4. when will the consignee warehouse make an appointment for delivery, and when will it return the cabinet?


So that we try to avoid additional costs. For other freight forwarders who are still charging extra fees at the moment, our company exports goods for customers with integrity, professionalism and efficiency, and smoothly completes the door-to-door shipping service at the destination port.

Because we are professional, we are honest, we are efficient, and because we have our own overseas team in the United States, we are flexible in handling, think of customers, and communicate effectively online 24 hours a day.

Believe in trusting us with your goods!

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How long does it take to ship from China to the US?

It depends on the shipping channel you choose, usually it takes about 12-15 working days for door-to-door shipping from China to LA

What factors can cause delays when shipping from China to the United States?

Port congestion, import customs inspections, adverse weather conditions, etc. can all cause delays

Does China to the United States provide LCL shipping services?

Danspeed provides reliable LCL shipping services.

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