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Air freight

Choosing the best airline shipping air cargo route is something that characterizes us. We provide international air freight services from China worldwide. One-stop air freight shipping services.

Our cooperative relationships with top-class international air carriers, including but not only  MU, CZ, IJ, CO, DL, SQ, AA, AC, UPS, DHL, etc.

  • Competitive air freight prices in China
  • Import & Export customs declaration
  • DDU / DDP services
  • Real-time flight tracking service

Why choose us


Leave it all to us: Picking up goods from suppliers, agency inspections, packaging, and more.


Competitive Prices: Close partnership with the top-class carriers.


DDU/DDP:  products in the palm of your hand saving costs for customers.

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One-time Delivery:  Ensure that your goods are safely delivered on time.


A Professional Team: An experienced team backs you up.

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Real-time Flight Tracking: Stay informed about your air flight progress.

Air freight forwarding process

FAQ common problem

How do I track my air parcel?

In order to track your air cargo online, we will provide you the specific way and instructions on how to visit carrier's website, enter the necessary information to locate your order, and get the latest tracking history. Easy access clicking here.

What documents are required for air shipment from China?

Packing list, commercial invoice, air waybill, certificate of origin, etc. are all used for customs clearance at the port of destination.

Do I need to purchase insurance for air freight?

It is highly recommended to purchase air freight insurance for your shipment. This provides buyers with protection if the goods are damaged in transit.

Are there any restrictions on shipping certain products?

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) imposes several restrictions on the carriage of certain in-flight cargo. This includes lithium batteries such as electronic devices and power banks.

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