Top 5 List of the World’s Largest International Cargo Shipping Vessels in 2022
World's Largest Container Vessels

 About 80 percent of international trade is carried out by sea, projected to approach 90% by the end of 2022. Such rapid growth will continue to increase in the next ten years, resulting in a great number of international cargo shipping vessels. According to the 2022 data from the International Chamber of Shipping, more than 50,000 ships currently provide international cargo shipping services in the oceans. All these data show that we are entering a period where targets are raised with new investments, and the demand for container ships is rising again.


Increasing Demand for Large Container Vessels

In parallel with the increasing international trade business and an increasing number of container ships, the size of international cargo shipping vessels is increasing. Ever Alot is the first ship to pass the symbolic bar of 24,000 TEU in capacity. Meanwhile, plans to build vessels with capacities over 25,000 TEUs are already in place. It seems that there is a fierce race to build ultra-large container vessels between large vessel companies.


There are various reasons why so many big ships are under construction. International cargo shipping requires high load-carrying capacity, resource utilization, and efficient route planning. By using large international cargo shipping vessels, the abovementioned requirements can be met, thereby improving overall efficiency. Apart from that, the cargo capacity affects profits positively. This is why cargo freight services companies prefer big international cargo shipping vessels to deliver their goods. All these advantages make these large ships preferred in international cargo transportation with an economical and environmentally friendly approach.


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5 Biggest International Cargo Shipping Vessels in 2022

The number of big ships worldwide is increasing day by day due to their advantages and competition between companies. Currently, each of the 10 largest ships in the world is over 20,000 TEUs. The ships, which are in the top five, have a carrying capacity of 23,000 TEU. With these large ships classified as mega sailing in the oceans, international cargo shipping is witnessing the competition of ships carrying more cargo at once.


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  1. Ever Ace

Entering service in 2021, Ever Ace is the largest container vessel in service but will soon lose its throne once Ever Lot enters international cargo logistics service. Ever Ace has a carrying capacity of 23992 TEUs. With a length of 400 meters and a width of 61.53 meters. It was built at Samsung Heavy Industries shipyards. 


  1. HMM Algeciras

HMM Algeciras entered service in 2020 as the largest ship in its class. It has a container carrying capacity of 23,964 TEU. With 399.9 meters long and 61 meters wide, it was built at the Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering shipyards.


  1. HMM Oslo

HMM Oslo is another 400 meters long ship that entered service in 2020. The width of the vessel is 61.5 meters. With a payload of 23,792 TEU, HMM Oslo is another mega ship built at Samsung Heavy Industries shipyards.


  1. MSC Gülsun

MSC Gülsun has a carrying capacity of 23756 TEU. The ship’s length is 399.9 meters, and the width is 62 meters. The ship, which entered service for cargo freight logistics in 2019, was built at Samsung Heavy Industries shipyards.


  1. MSC Mina

MSC Mina has a payload of 23,656 TEU. Like other ships in its class, the ship’s length is 400 meters, and its width is 61 meters. MSC Mina has a container handling capacity of 23,656 TEU. It was built in 2019 by Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering.


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