How to identify a good freight forwarder?

01 Business license
The first obvious way is to first look at the business license and the registered capital. Generally, the larger the registered capital, the stronger the relative risk tolerance.

02 Resources
The second one can look at resources. The logistics and transportation mainly include several links of collection, drying, customs, warehouse and distribution. For the first stage collection, whether the freight forwarding company has its own fleet, etc., look at the first stage and then the last stage, whether there is an overseas warehouse at the end. Many people in the industry even said that overseas warehouses can best reflect the strength of the agency. Because the shipping space is owned by the airline and the shipowner, customs clearance is done by the customs clearance line. Only overseas warehouses are owned by the freight forwarding company, and the control is relatively large. Therefore, the strength of the freight forwarding company without overseas warehouse supporting services and the overseas warehouse investment is definitely different.

03 Look at the quantity
The fourth is to look at the volume. The stronger the company, the more the volume.

04 Aging and stability
The fifth looks at aging and stability. The stronger the freight forwarding company’s products, the better the products must be, that is, the timeliness of the channel is doing well. Speaking of the time limit, I have to mention that its “support” is stability, that is, the probability of being checked. Therefore, timeliness and stability are the points that sellers are very concerned about.

05 Logistics channels
The sixth one can look at the channels of freight forwarding companies. One is to see how many channels the company has and which channels are advantageous. Especially the current sellers generally have two or three logistics companies in their hands. On the one hand, they distribute the goods separately.

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